About Us


Myanmar’s pioneer industrial lead smelter, the Yangon Metal Industry Company Limited (YMI), produces 99.9% pure lead and other various lead alloys, antimony and calcium, for industrial applications. Industrial trends In Myanmar demand quality lead products. YMI offers a range of consistent high quality lead products to support our partners.


Complying with international standards for lead recovery, YMI’s metallurgical know-how and approach to lead waste provides a new lease of life for spent batteries, contributing to environmental protection. Every day, we take delivery of used batteries, lead scraps and other lead waste from our collection points, which are then sorted, smelted, and refined into quality lead products for our industrial partners.


Head Office Factory
No.F/S 14, Shwe Sabai Yeik Mon, Bayintnaung Road, Kamaryut Township,Yangon, Myanmar. No.261-263, Parami Street, Myaung Da Kar Special Foundry Industrial Zone, Hmawbi Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

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